Thursday, 10 December 2009

Planetphillip map comp $100

well its been a few weeks now since i last posted.
Over at they are having a Hl2 sniper map competition-
all the rules ect etc are over there so check it out.
Ive decided to enter, so everything else is on hold for now.
Above are a few WIP screenshots click them to enlarge!

This is my 1st real attempt at a playable SP level, and its certainly interesting and opens up a whole new world of mapping.
Making sure the player can make it throu the level, making sure ammo amounts and health are placed in key locations as well as guiding the player without their knowledge is key.
Ive tried to be true to HL2, and keep its as original as possible.
Ive used X13 as a base, and totally overhauled it- making it a completely different map tht works in SP mode.

Well the comp ends on Jan 04 2010, so i got a few more weeks to polish this off, and then fingers crossed!!


  1. Hi,

    The map is looking good, so keep up the good work.

    Don't thinl that because we have the same name I am gonna be nice to your entry!

    FYI, there's no "they" over at PP, juts "me".

  2. Really good site you got over there Phil- lots of content and useful info!
    adding link now, not to sway the vote or anything LOL....